Resources 2016

On this page you'll find all of the handouts from the 2016 Maths Craft Festival, plus some extra goodies such as Youtube videos, links to great websites and other inspiring maths/craft ideas. If you come across something you think we should add here, let us know!

Magical Möbius

Our resource sheet for Möbius strips.

More instructions for how to make a Möbius strip.

The Wikipedia article about the Möbius strip.

A lovely Youtube story by Vi Hart about friendship on a Möbius strip.

Cat Bordhi's Youtube video teaching you how to do the knitted Möbius cast on.

Stand-up mathematician Matt Parker showing how to make Möbius love hearts from two Möbius strips.


Hyperbolic Heaven

Our resource sheet on hyperbolic crochet.

Like our hyperbolic planes? You can find out more about them on Ravelry: the big blue/green/purple plane and the small purple plane with the yellow edge or even the striped plane.

Hinke Osinga's website about the crocheting the Lorenz manifold. This has a link to her mathematical paper as well as to photos of Lorenz manifolds crocheted around the world.

The hyperbolic crochet coral reef project at the Institute for Figuring.

Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes - the original book by Daina Taimina on The Book Depository.


Colouring Creations

Buy the colouring book Snowflake, Seashell, Star from The Book Despository.

Review of Snowflake, Seashell, Star in the online maths magazine 'The Aperiodical'.

The Wikipedia article about the famous mathematical problem The Four Colour Theorem, about whether it is possible to colour every map using only four colours, so that adjacent regions have different colours.

Our resource sheet with a Four Colour Theorem challenge.


Escher Extravaganza

Our resource sheet for creating your own Escher tiles.

The website has different kinds of instructions for creating interesting tiling patterns, and lots of photos from people around the world who have had a go at making them. They also show how to create tilings starting from triangles and hexagons instead of just squares.

The official gallery of M.C.Escher's amazing tiling patterns.


Folding Frenzy

Our resource sheet for making Sonobe units.

Our resources sheet for making cubes from Sonobe units.

Instructions for building Sonobe units into an octahedron and icosahedron.

Our resource sheet for making an origami dodecahedron.

The Origami Resource Centre has hundreds of patterns for making models using the technique of modular origami.

The Gathering for Gardner website has templates for lots of different types of hexaflexagon.

The amazing Vi Hart has made a series of Youtube videos about hexaflexagons, including the story behind who discovered them, a hexaflexagon safety guide, and an awesome way to include flexagons in your dinner party.


Beguiling Tiling

Our resource sheet on Penrose tiling.

The Wikipedia article on Penrose tiling.

Penrose Tiles to Trapdoor Ciphers: the best article around on Penrose tilings, by Martin Gardner.



The official MegaMenger website, which has photos of the MegaMenger builds from around the world, plus all the instruction sheets for making one yourself.

The Wikipedia article about the Menger Sponge.

Can you guess what shape you get if you cut diagonally through a Menger sponge?

The Wikipedia articles about fractals. Also try going to Wolfram Alpha and searching for 'fractals'.

All sorts of fractally goodness at the Fractal Foundation.

A fractal kirigami card

A fractal kirigami card


General Maths and Craft

Making Mathematics with Needlework - a great book by Sarah-Marie Belcastro and Carolyn Yackel, which contains ideas for mathematical project using a whole range of crafts, from algebraic socks to a non-orientable quilt.

Crafting by Concepts - the sequel to Making Mathematics with Needlework.

Woolly Thoughts - A smorgasbord of knitting and crochet ideas for mathematicians, including cushion covers, afghans, toys, illusion knitting, hexaflexagons and more!