Meet the Maths Craft Team

Armed with knitting needles and origami paper, the Maths Craft team are on a mission to bring maths to the masses.


The Team

Dr Jeanette McLeod is the co-founder and Director of Maths Craft New Zealand. She has a PhD in pure mathematics from the Australian National University, and is currently a Senior Lecturer at the University of Canterbury and a Principal Investigator in Te Punaha Matatini. Jeanette carries out research in the areas of pure and applied graph theory. She also knits, crochets, and sews. Her office is full of maths books and craft supplies.

Twitter: @GraphyJ
Ravelry: @jnet


Dr Phil Wilson is Deputy Director of Maths Craft New Zealand. He has a PhD in mathematics from University College London, and is now a Senior Lecturer in the School of Mathematics & Statistics at the University of Canterbury. He does research in fluid dynamics, mathematical modelling, and the philosophy of mathematics, and really enjoys explaining the fun and beauty of mathematics to a general audience. There really is, he believes, no such thing as “too many books”.

Twitter: @FlowPhil

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Sarah Mark is an Accomplice of Maths Craft New Zealand and a PhD student in mathematics at the University of Canterbury. She greatly enjoys modular origami, crocheting, colouring, and many other crafts. Sarah is also a tutor at UC and loves showing people of all ages the wonders of maths.


Jayne Mark is the Coordinator of Maths Craft New Zealand. Jayne has a background in science and research and working with students who struggle with understanding maths. She has a love of the outdoors, enjoying tramping, running and biking, and her best craft skill is making cakes, but she also knits and crochets.


Dr Nicolette Rattenbury is a Professional Teaching Fellow at The University of Auckland, where she runs the Science Scholars Programme. Her mathematical background is in the numerical solution of ordinary differential equations. She has been involved in numerous outreach projects in both the UK and New Zealand, including the annual MOTAT Science Street Fair, the Auckland branch of MathsJam, and the Auckland MegaMenger event.

Twitter: @AklMathsJam

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Kate learnt sewing, knitting and crochet from her mother and grandmother, and has a BSc in Mathematics and Mathematics Education from Victoria University of Wellington. She enjoys the creativity of maths and the mathematical structure of crafts, and sharing them both with others. Kate also enjoys modular origami and quilting, and has tried her hand at both spinning and paper weaving.

Twitter: @KateMathy


Amanda Deacon is an undergraduate student at the University of Canterbury. She is fascinated by the intersection of mathematics and computer science, and loves sharing her passion for both fields with people of all backgrounds. She enjoys rock climbing, painting, jigsaw puzzles, and knitting warm socks.

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David Pomeroy is a Lecturer in Mathematics Education at the University of Canterbury. His research focuses on barriers to mathematical learning, particularly those related to socio-economic status and gender, and pedagogical practices and education policies that can address such challenges. David is also a keen knitter.


Erik Brogt is an Associate Professor of Academic Development at the University of Canterbury. His research interests are the pedagogical thinking of expert practitioners who become teachers of the profession, and the application of educational psychology to teaching and learning of subject disciplines.


Friends of Maths Craft NZ

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Lee Mauger founded the Space & Science Festival to help kids get excited about STEM. The M(aths) in STEM proved to be the hardest to find innovative and inspiring outreach for, until he found Maths Craft. Maths Craft have been a firm favourite at the festival now for several years in a row. Lee's kids are the biggest Maths Craft fans in the world, and like to volunteer as helpers now. One day they aspire to make a house out of Menger Sponges :)

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Terri Elder  is currently the curator of the Teece Museum of Classical Antiquities and the James Logie Memorial Collection at the University of Canterbury. She has worked in a variety of museums and art galleries throughout New Zealand, and has been lucky enough to care for some amazing artefacts. Terri holds a degree in Tertiary Teaching, and is passionate about using museum objects for teaching and learning. Along the way she has also dabbled with a number of crafts, including knitting, crochet and egg painting.


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Alice English is a Curatorial Assistant at the Teece Museum of Classical Antiquities, and her particular area of focus is in the development and expansion of the museum’s outreach programme for primary and secondary schools. Alice is a University of Canterbury graduate with a BA(Hons) in Classical Studies and a Master of Science in Museum Studies from the University of Glasgow, and she enjoys investigating overlaps between classical and contemporary form and function in art and architecture. She has a love-hate relationship with knitting and sewing, and tries to crochet (to the detriment of the wool).